​​​​​​​How To Teach Theatre Without All The Drama

Real-World Theatre Education​​​​​​​

The mentoring manual for managing divas, drama mamas, casting complaints, finances, field trips, principals, publishers, paperwork, and school politics and policies.

...let alone teaching classses and directing productions...!

From Drama Boosters to Teaching Kissing to "The Hygiene Talk" to Writing college Recommendations
We offer advice, "Real World Moments," What-if Scenarios and 26 Customizable Templates to Ease the Action


​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Responding to Parents, Colleagues, Administrators, Vendors and the Community


Doing Theatre In A School Is So Much More Than Just Lesson Plans 

Preparing for Employment, for your New School, for the Classroom, for Productions


Identifying the Stakeholders, Training Student Leaders, Organizing your Program


What this book will teach its readers

How to move through the early years of theatre teaching and directing, and anticipate and manage all the moving parts of working in a department, a school and a school system with its own traditions, procedures, personalities and expectations far beyond what happens within the classroom walls.

5 Important Benefits

  • Know what to expect season-by-season from students, parents and administrators

  • Jumpstart professional judgment via "What-if Scenarios" for discussion and reflection on a broad array of topics

  • Learn from -- and enjoy -- "Real World Moments" anecdotes straight from "the trenches"

  • Be prepared for employment, for the classroom, for productions and for professional responsibiities

  • Use our 26 ready-made customizable templates from our website to cover all sorts of situations from production contracts to parent complaint response to a program notice about the use of stage weapons
  • "This is a nuts and bolts handbook that will walk an educator through the academic year, preparing them for both curricular and extra-curricular demands. It's more than just a checklist. It is a reality check in the best possible way: an honest, thorough guide to growing a successful theatre education program."
    Mary Lechter - Head of Theatre Education, George Mason University

  • "The responsibilities of a first-year theatre teacher are vast and varied, and having the irreplaceable guidebook Real-World Theatre Education on hand is not just a way to preserve your sanity, it's a strategic career move."
    Rebecca Phillips - Education Division, Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, Washington, D.C.

  • "Invaluable. Every theatre teacher, whether new or seasoned, should be furnished with this jam-packed compendium of the very best suggestions, solutions, and warnings for navigating life in the theatre classroom."
    Judy Bowns - Theatre Arts and Dance Specialist, Fairfax County Public Schools

  • "Chip Rome and Zoe Dillard share their passion for theatre in this text that is packed with practical, relevant, and comprehensive advice for the next generation of theatre educators. Virtually every character, conflict and cause for applause in the career of a theatre educator appears within the pages of this book. Standing ovation for Real-World Theatre Education."
    Dr. Rosalind M Flynn, Head of the M.A. in Theatre Education, The Catholic University of America

  • "Rome and Dillard have done something special here. Real-World details the broad and specific aspects of theatre education in equal measure, always with an eye to how both art and learning can happen while keeping the needs of students first."
    James Palmarini - Director of Educational Policy, Educational Theatre Association and Editor, Teaching Theatre

​​​​​​​Chip Rome

Chip has been a theatre educator for over 35 years, and has worked in the London, Boston, LA, NY and DC areas as an actor, director and educator. He has written theatre curricula, an auditorium safety manual and new teacher pilot program.

Zoe Dillard

Zoe has taught theatre students from kindergarten through college age over the past thirty years, directing young people in stage productions large and sm

About the Authors


"This book is what you need to assist you in feeling prepared and what to expect. It's truly a must have!" 

Molly R.

2nd Year Middle School Theatre Teacher ​​​​​​​

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